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YES!  Clipper ship City of Adelaide  birthday and homecoming celebrations coming up this Saturday 17 May at Port Adelaide, South Australia and I’m going to be there!  Loads of fun and entertainment and … I’ve been asked to give a talk to be held in the Speakers’ Tent about the diary I kept on her final voyage on board heavy-lift cargo ship MV Palanpur from Rotterdam on 26 November 2013  to Adelaide on 3 February 2014!

Outer Harbour, Port Adelaide. City of Adelaide being 'skidded' off MV Palanpur onto barge Bradley, her temporary home.
Outer Harbour, Port Adelaide 5 February 2014.  City of Adelaide being ‘skidded’ off MV Palanpur onto barge Bradley, her temporary home.

2 thoughts on “Return to Aus

  1. Thank you Rita ,for the very interesting talk you gave in the speakers tent .Your passion for this clipper was wonderful to see!! Mum and i Really enjoyed hearing of your adventure.Have a great trip home to Irvine.

    1. Dear June, Thank you so much for your kind comments! I had a wonderful time with a fabulous audience, we did have fun! It was so lovely to be asked to give the talk, I could talk about the ship and my voyage till the cows come home! So glad you and your Mum enjoyed it. I did have a seamless flight home and was lucky to have 3 seats to myself for the first stretch to Dubai, so I literally did stretch, and slept most of the way apart from meals!

      I apologise for not getting back to you before now, it’s been quite hectic and I’ve been spending a lot of time bringing my book together – it’s getting there!

      Thanks again for contacting me and I hope we meet again. Best wishes to you and your Mum.


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