Mugs/Coaster Sets

Today I had news from Dunbar T-Shirt Shop that 3 sets of mugs and coaster sets have been sold. This is wonderful news. I spoke to a friend last night whose partner was working in a house and he was given a cup of tea … in one of my The Three Craws mugs! It’s really exciting to know that people are loving the artwork and are buying the mug and coaster sets. They are available through my website under “Merchandise”. Later today I will be popping into Dunbar T-Shirt Shop to help with shipping the Mug and Coaster sets out, and to discuss expanding the range of products available to buy as t-shirts with the logo I designed on them. Remember (how could you forget!) … Christmas is coming … great presents for fans of The Three Craws!

Thank you for looking. I would like to say the price quoted by Dunbar T-Shirt Shop includes P&P within the UK.

Thank you for looking.

Rita x

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