‘The Three Craws An The Bairn In A Manger’ at Broughton Primary School

P3/4 Teacher Katrina Tweedie kindly piloted The Three Craws An The Bairn In A Manger with her class.  I was absolutely delighted to receive this feedback from her.  Thank you Katrina!

”Subject: Re: Three Craws Gaun Tae Rabbie Burns Birthday Pairty At The Globe Inn, Dumfries
Date: 11 March 2015 11:32

Hi Rita,

I have been hoping to see you at the writers’ group to thank you in person
for your generosity in sharing your play with me and my class.

We had been doing a topic on Robert Burns as you know, so I started by
reminding the children  of Tam O’Shanter. Then we sang The Three Craws
which they already knew and love, then I outlined the play to them.  I
distributed copies of the play one between two and we discussed how a play
script is set out. Then I read one page at a time with them following as
best they could then asked for volunteers to read out and act out that page
to the rest of the class. Most of the children wanted to take part- there
were three or four who were happier being the audience for the whole play.
Without exception they all loved the experience.

My class is composed of kids from all over the world, many of whom speak
English as a second language. I think it’s a wonderful way to make them
feel at home in Scotland teaching them some Scots and typically Scottish
culture. For all of them I think it’s really good for them to see how we
can build on traditional culture now…. and what a wonderful play! Thank
you so much for sharing it with us.’

The Three Craws Gaun Tae Rabbie Burns’ Birthday Pairty At The Globe Inn, Dumfries

Rita Bradd, The Globe Inn, Dumfries 25012015 1422617365582

The Three Craws had a great time in Dumfries on 25 January 2015 celebrating Scots bard Robert Burns’ birthday! We were thrilled to do three rehearsed readings of  ‘The Three Craws Gaun Tae Rabbie Burns Birthday Pairty At The Globe Inn, Dumfries’ on Rabbie’s actual birthday in his actual howff where he would gather for blethers with friends and also wrote poetry.  Here are The Three Craws lined up from left to right:




Craw One      –  Wesley Bradd

Craw Two      –  Bob Mitchell

Craw Three   –  Melissa Bradd



This was our second experience performing beyond the studios of East Coast FM Radio 107.6, where we had broadcast a new play every month from December 2012 to September 2013, which was when we went to Bayeux, and Nicola Louise Shepherd was the original Craw Three.

I then went to Australia with clipper ship City of Adelaide and the Craws had a well-earned rest.

Steven Hill of Dunbar T-Shirt Shop http://dunbartshirt.com/ gifted me this for Christmas 2014 (available from Merchandise).


I ordered some Haggis Truffles (seriously!) from Thinking Chocolate in Edinburgh, stuffed them into the boxed sets of mug and coaster and took them down to Dumfries, where they galloped away faster than Tam ‘O Shanter’s horse, Meg!

We returned to Dumfries on 31 January 2015 for the close of the Big Burns Bash.  Here are the Craws again, this time Craw Three is Alice Kinloch.  This was her first  ever outing as a Craw, and she did a fantastic job.







Here are The Three Craws outside Robert Burns House where we did two shows.  Hugh Brydon http://www.hughbryden.com/ came along and I was really privileged and delighted when he presented me with this beautiful pure silk signed limited edition tie …


Wes in The Globe 20150125_135258



Bob in The Globe 20150125_135016

Mel in The Globe 20150125_135200









Three Craws Gaun Tae Bayeux Wi The Battle O Prestonpans Tapestry

Craw One    –  Wesley Bradd

Craw Two    –  Bob Mitchell

Craw Three –  Nicola Louise Shepherd

and I flew to Paris, then were bussed to Normandy to join the Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry which was appearing in the Bayeux Tapestry Museum until the beginning of November. http://news.stv.tv/east-central/115465-battle-of-prestonpans-to-go-on-display-alongside-french-counterpart

We had a lot of fun! http://www.battleofprestonpans1745.org/heritagetrust/html/news/show_news.asp?newsid=3310