Sadly Latimer Trend who printed ‘Clipper Ship City of Adelaide BENEATH THE SOUTHERN CROSS’ has gone into administration. My thoughts go out to the employees and the company, which has served since 1889. Links to their portfolio are no longer accessible, but this is content in relation to my book.


We had the pleasure of printing Rita Bradd’s book ‘Clipper Ship City of Adelaide BENEATH THE SOUTHERN CROSS’ that contains the story of how the oldest surviving composite clipper ship in the world, City of Adelaide, was rescued from demolition at the Scottish Maritime Museum.

The author commented:

“I had the very special experience of being involved in the layout of my non-fiction book, ‘Clipper Ship City of Adelaide BENEATH THE SOUTHERN CROSS’, designed by Robert Randall. From the very beginning, he recommended Latimer Trend as printers. With a very tight timeline, my books were delivered on the specified date. I was so excited when they arrived. I slit open the first box. Seeing, touching and smelling the stunning, high-spec books was absolutely thrilling and filled me with pride. The books have the ‘WOW!’ factor and are proving very popular with the public. Thank you, Latimer Trend, for a job well done in embodying twenty years of my passion for clipper ship City of Adelaide in this fabulous creation.
The 12th August 2019 marks the 155th anniversary of when 1864 clipper ship City of Adelaide left Plymouth on her maiden voyage. The real-life heroine in my story boarded here on route for Adelaide, South Australia. To have my book virtually launched in Latimer Trend’s portfolio is very pertinent and exciting, and such a coincidence you are based in Plymouth!” *

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* note from author – City of Adelaide called into Plymouth to pick up passengers for South Australia